Ever the romantic, the outsider, he adheres to Billy Childish’s ethos of amateurism. In the words of Billy “what you need is an amateur status because an amateur does it for love and for interest. They’re engaged in a more intelligent way”.
He’s not just an artist who sticks two fingers up at the mainstream, but one who respectfully says it’s not for him. Defiantly uncategorisable, you can expect to hear any genre of music on his radio shows, from obscure rockabilly to current electronic music, as well as dub, krautrock, 60’s garage, 70’s psych...

He opens every night at the festival with a selection of obscure gems (the now famous Music’s Not For Everyone sessions!) from his collection.


Andrew and Sean bring their A Love From Outer Space party to Convenanza every year. Expect dizzying selections of sleazy narco-disco informed by new beat, acid house, dub and kosmische... the manifesto of their night is to never knowingly exceed 122bpm. Andrew describes the night as “an oasis of slowness in a world of increasing velocity”.

The infectious uptake of ALFOS’s premise has been undeniable, with tours around the UK, jaunts across the continent, numerous festival slots and more recently, the establishment of a Glasgow base at the Berkeley Suite: an appropriately meteoric ascendency. In the words of Sean “the highlight of the ALFOS calendar is always Andrew’s Convenanza Festival in the South of France...”.


Julienne Dessagne aka Fantastic Twins is an Optimo and Hippie Dance label mainstay, releasing tracks that would not sound out of place on the Drive soundtrack or a Lynchian film. Records dripping with woozy synths, creeping, reverberating vocals and copious clashing cymbals. After she had the Renate and Mexico dancefloors transfixed, Julienne is bringing her analogue-driven live show to the castle. 

According to Keith (Optimo) and Ivan Smagghe, she's one of the best live acts at the moment and has just released her new EP “Lost In Germany” on Optimo Music’s new imprint Against Fascism Trax.

She has also just started her own label "Microdosing" on which she will release a series of compilation 12”s selected by herself and designed in collaboration with French visual artist Geff Pellet. The first volume features music by dream team Autarkic, Naum Gabo, Manfredas, Smagghe & Cross and Julienne.


The New York / Berlin based Curses is known for blending his rock & roll roots with the darker side of disco and electro. In both his DJ and live sets, Curses incorporates his ghostly vocals and guitar with flashes of EBM, new wave, post-punk, and psychedelic synth vibes.
Releasing selectively on well respected underground labels such as Bordello A Parigi, Throne Of Blood, Ombra INTL and Relish, he also runs a Rinse France monthly radio residency showcasing artists who share a love for mixing the weird and wonderful. Curses finally dropped a long awaited debut full length on Dischi Autunno in 2018 and is releasing a mini LP for Convenanza on Höga Nord. Pre-order here.


A true Ethiopian musical legend, Hailu was the keyboardist and accordionist of the Walias Band, one of the most popular groups from the country’s 70’s golden age. Having left Ethiopia with the Walias in 1981 and shortly after their first tour of the US, the original Walias Band broke up.

Mergia recorded his first solo album, Hailu Mergia and His Classical Instrument, in 1985. It’s a dreamy, hypnotic album, just Mergia in the studio, with a Rhodes piano, Moog synth and a drum machine.

He released Classical Instrument on cassette and played a few concerts in Paris, London and Addis Ababa, but in 1991 he stopped performing. Seven years later, he bought his first taxi and started working at Washington D.C. airport.

Brian Shimkovitz, a music blogger who started the reissue label Awesome Tapes from Africa, came across Classical Instrument in a cassette bin in Ethiopia and was hooked. When Shimkovitz rereleased the album in 2014, Mergia was invigorated enough to tour again and write new material.

In concert, Hailu is being backed by America's leading Ethiopian bassist Alem Kebede and the longtime drummer of reggae legends Culture, Ken Joseph.